· Contractor
Responsible contractor for the fullfillment and delivery of the sold program is the Amphi Festival GmbH

· Conclusion of Contract
The conclusion of the contract is accepted by the Amphi Festival GmbH if the client has entered and sent his address as well as the entering and sending of all other needed details by the client. The Amphi Festival GmbH will accept the offer for the conclusion of the contract by sending an affirmation email to the client. This requires that the client has given a valid email address.

According to ยง 312 b Abs. 3 Nr. 6 BGB the rules for distance selling buisness dealing with contracts and services in the area of services in the area of scheduled leisure events, as offered by the Amphi Festival GmbH, do not comply. The client, according to that, has no right of withdrawal for the booked event.

The Amphi Festival GmbH does the very best, in terms of technology, to ensure that the functions of its website work properly. In the case of unexpected technical problems the conclusion of a contract is not possible for the time these problems last.

· Prices and fees
The ticket price shown on the internet includes pre-sale- and service fees as well as the VAT. A delivery charge will be added. The cost depends on which of the available options for delivery the customer chooses.

· Delivery
The delivery of the ordered tickets and goods happen with the customer being charged the cost and on his risk. The date of the delivery depends on the chosen delivery options and the chosen way of payment.

· Payment
The entire payment for the order including all fees has to be payed immediately after the conclusion of the contract (affirmation via email). The ordered goods remain property of the Amphi Festival GmbH until the charged money has been paid by the customer. Should a payment should be redebitted the Amphi Festival GmbH is entitled to demand the immediate return of the ordered tickets.

· Data Security
All data entered by the customer (Address, account details, etc.) as well as the IP-address are being encoded during the transmission to Amphi Festival GmbH automatically (SSL 128 Bit) and will be treated as confidential. The details and the data given by the customer will not be handed to third party persons or companies, until the data is not needed in order to ensure the fullfillment of the contract by the contract partners. Personal data will only be stored with explicit authorisation by the customer.

Return of tickets and right of withdrawal
The Amphi Festival GmbH reserves the right, in case of apparent pricing error as well as in any acts of god preventing the fullfillment of sold services, to withdraw from the contract. Should the service not be available any more the Amphi Festival GmbH will notify the customer immediately about the matter and will refund the customer immediately.

A withdrawal from the contract as well as a refunding of the ticket fee as a result is only possible if the event is canceled or if the event's date is changed. In this case the customer has to return the tickets immediately (at the latest 14 days after the originally scheduled date of the event) to the Amphi Festival GmbH. The customer will be fully refunded for the ticket fee, if the original tickets (no copies) have been given back to the Amphi Festival GmbH and if these have been ordered via the Amphi Festival ticketshop. If the tickets have been lost refunding is not possible.

The customer's right to withdraw from the contract in case of the Amphi Festival GmbH neglecting duties concerning rules of legal nature remains untouched.

· Warranty
The customer is guaranteed the legal guarantee claims dealing with the Amphi Festival GmbH. The liability by the Amphi Festival GmbH in terms of damage compensation for reasons of contract based, contract-like, tortious or other legal reasons is denied; this does not comply if dealing with injury of life, body or health or the injury is a result of deliberate or negligent actions by the Amphi Festival GmbH or one of its contract-fullfilling-aides or if it is a failure of an entitlement intrinsic to the fullfillment of the contract. Further liabilty claims that are defined by law remain untouched.

If the Amphi Festival GmbH receives any information about cancelled events or changes in schedules the customers of the Amphi Festival GmbH will be noticed immediately, as far as a valid email-address has been given by those customers.

The client is obliged to check the tickets for validity and completeness (especially concerning event, date, time of day, admission fee and number of tickets) right after the delivery and inform the Amphi Festival GmbH about complaints within 3 days via mail, email or fax.

· Final clauses
If parts of the contract should not comply this will not affect the other parts of the contract or terms of buisness. The court of jurisdiction is without any exception the domicile of the Amphi Festival GmbH, if so the customer is a juristic person or a registered trader. This contract and the terms of buisness are only subject to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.

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